About The Inn

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The inn was originally built as a family home in 1911 for Dr. Harley Murray, Shediac's first dentist and his wife Belle Johnson. The House later became known as the home of Mr. Justice A. Dysart, former Premier of the province of New Brunswick.

The Harper family lived in Shediac at the same time as the Murray’s and knew each other well. The diaries of one of the daughters of the Harper household, Sarah Estelle Harper, have been published as a book, “A full House and Fine Singing” by Mary Biggar Peck. A copy of this book is in the den.

In her diaries, Sarah, or "Sadie" as she was called, recounts how she painted two pictures on glass to be given as a wedding present to Dr Harley Murray and his wife Belle Johnson in 1898.These paintings were later discovered in the attic of the inn and now hang in the foyer. They were, however, not identified as Sadie’s pictures until 1989 when her son, William Allen visited Shediac and managed to read his mother’s name on the pictures.

There are lots more stories to be told when you visit. Just ask The innkeepers!